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What kind of services do you offer and how do I know if your skills fit my requirements?2016-10-15T03:58:06+00:00

We create custom tailored solutions suited to our client’s businesses. Industry-standards and research-based processes and strategies drive our development process in order to provide our clients with the latest in digital applications. Our skills include web, desktop and mobile applications development.

If you are interested in a refresh or a fresh new start for your company, please contact us.

How long does it take to build a website?2016-10-15T03:58:06+00:00

The turnaround time for basic Web site development is usually 4-12 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your project. Larger projects including eCommerce or custom application development may take longer depending on the requirements specified. Other factors that affect turnaround time are the speed at which we receive the content from you and the planning and approval time you need. We will provide you a more specific time table with your initial proposal. Our process includes multiple check points during the process to ensure your project finishes on time and on budget.

How much does a website cost?2016-06-16T12:10:31+00:00

Every website is different, with varying size, features and functionality, every project presents it’s own unique set of challenges. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you a quote based on your specific needs.

What happens when the web site is done?2016-06-16T12:10:39+00:00

We want you to have control of your site. Ongoing changes and updates can be made to basic sites built on a content management system such as WordPress. Alternatively, you can hire us to manage your site and make changes and updates, but there is no ongoing commitment to use our services.

For more complex applications such as Magento eCommerce sites or custom application you will be able to manage content and day-to-day activity on the site yourself. However, you have maintenance and updates applied to your site on a regular basis. You most likely will need the assistance of a developer. We hope you will look to Tempora for assistance but once again there is no ongoing commitment.

We take special care to make sure all peripheral accounts, domain registration, hosting and plugin purchases are all made in your name so you are never under any obligation to us. Once a site is complete, you will be provided with a complete list of these items along with login credentials to each account.

Will people be able to find my website on Google and other search engines?2016-10-15T03:58:06+00:00

The simple answer is yes. Yes, search engines will find your website, but how high they will rank it depends on dozens of factors. Content management systems such as WordPress and any of the major eCommerce packages are extremely SEO-friendly. Your website will be optimized for search engines and “web robots” by including pertinent page titles, alternative tags (alt tags), meta data descriptions, text keywords, search-engine-friendly URLs, a tableless design, and other relevant techniques. All important text will be “live text” rather than image-based text. No Flash will be used unless specifically requested. In addition, we will install Google Analytics so you can track website visits and where traffic is coming from. This is all a part of our standard website development process.

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