Tempora is a Houston based Magento consulting company with expertise in designing and implementing Magento shopping carts utilizing both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions. We have a proven track record of successful Magento eCommerce implementations and are happy to provide references upon request.

If you are just starting your eCommerce business, we understand that it can be a daunting undertaking. There are many factors to consider when implementing a new Magento shopping cart. Tempora is there to assist you with your entire Magento project needs.

If you have already selected Magento as your eCommerce solution, we feel you have made a solid choice! If you are still deciding on which shopping cart to choose, we can help. By first understanding your goals, and requirements, Tempora will tailor an eCommerce solution to best fit your needs. We will then guide you through the entire process, letting you know what to expect at every stage of the project.

Our initial consultation is always free. Contact us today or call 832.912.7959

Magento Development and Consulting Services

Initial Web domain setup. If you haven’t already done so, Tempora will assist you with acquiring your domain name.

Hosting provider selection. Tempora believes that your ecommerce site is only as good as your hosting provider. We’ve partnered with Crucial Hosting because they specialize in hosting Magento shopping cart Web sites. Crucial Hosting optimizes their servers to host Magento sites improving thereby improving site performance and smoothing your road to success.

Email setup and configuration. We provide assistance in choosing the right email solution provider and configuring your new email accounts. We also configure your Magento cart to send out transactional emails and will customize your email templates to your design specifications.

SSL Certificate acquisition and configuration. All ecommerce Web sites should be PCI compliant in order assure the security of your customers’ credit card and other personal information. We help you select an SSL Certificate, and a credit card processor that is right for you, and we configure your Magento shopping cart accordingly.

Third party integrations with companies like Authorize.net, FedEx, UPS. Your Magento shopping cart doesn’t run by itself. It needs to talk to other entities on the Internet to function. For instance, when a customer makes a purchase on your Web site, your cart needs to charge the correct sales tax and offer the correct shipping options. Tempora will assist you with establishing accounts with companies that provide these services and integrate them into your Magento ecommerce site.

Magento installation and upgrades. Tempora provides upgrade services to your existing Magento shopping cart. We recommend that you keep your Magento software updated on a regular basis. Magento typically updates their software several times per year. Some of the updates are security related and those require particular attention. Applying updates must be done very carefully so as not to disrupt your live site. We always replicate your live site to a staging area, apply updates there, and test. We also insure that any third party plugins are updated, and compatible prior to upgrading your live site.

Magento frontend design. Tempora will assist you with choosing a theme for your site and customize it to your specifications. Already have your designs laid out? We are also happy to work with your design firm and implement your design per specifications.

Magento plugin selection, integration, and configuration. One of Magento’s strengths that it is can be fully customized. A huge number of companies use Magento as their ecommerce solution provider and this has allowed third party companies to create a plethora of add-on modules or plugins that enhance the core functionality of the Magento base software. This feature allows us to efficiently customize your Magento installation to fit your needs at a much reduced cost than would otherwise be available. At Tempora, we never believe in reinventing the wheel, so we always look for prebuilt plugins to give you the functionality you need in your Magento eCommerce solution.

Magento custom development. When third-party plugins aren’t available to meet your unique business needs, Tempora is available to develop custom software.

Magento maintenance and support. Once live, your shopping cart will need ongoing support and maintenance. Should you desire, Tempora is available after your implementation to assist you if have trouble with your Magento shopping cart solution. We efficiently troubleshoot problems, and keep you posted on our progress in resolving your issues. Issues can arise from a number of factors. It could be something related to your hosting provider, or it could be related to a third party plugin, or it could be something to do with the Magento core software. Whatever the case, we’ll be able to assist you to get the issue quickly resolved.

Magento nightly and weekly backups. While we always hope they don’t, disasters can occur. Tempora believes that it is best to be totally prepared, so we offer our customers a choice of offsite backup solutions.

Magento Enterprise to Community downgrades. Magento offers different levels of its eCommerce software including the free Magento Community edition and the Magento Enterprise edition which comes with an annual subscription fee. We are experienced in migrating customers from edition to other, including downgrading from Magento Enterprise to the Magento Commuinty edition. The process is seamless and without the loss of vital data.

Blog integration. Tempora provides blog integration services for Magento including WordPress or Magento Plugin blogs. Including a well-maintained blog in your eCommerce site can help drive traffic to your site.

SEO optimization. Magento shopping carts are ready for SEO optimization and we will help you get your site set up and ready for search engine spiders to locate your content. We will assist you in linking your site to third party analytics such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so that you can monitor your site’s traffic.