Project Description

Woodard Outdoor Furniture is an icon American furniture company that has been around for nearly 150 years. When the owner of Woodard came to us to update the site she wanted to honor the heritage while but yet give it a more contemporary, 21st century feel. Along with the website, product collateral such as catalogs and hang tangs were due for a new look too. To this end, a design agency was brought in to give Woodard a whole new look.

Because Woodard is a wholesale supplier, there are no direct sales on the site. However, we still decided to leverage the Magento Community Edition to build the 1800+ sku online catalog anyway. This allows us to use the database product management features, as some of the customer management features to allow dealers and reps to login and access information specific to them. The site was skinned using the comps provided by Pentagram and a few custom elements such as the Store Locator and Rep Finders were added to bring you the site you see today.